The National Denture Centre making you smile with confidence again

 We are committed to restoring a natural smile that gives confidence, fit and function. Your new Dentures should allow you to carry out your daily activities and get back to life without having to worry about being a Denture wearer. The days of ill fitting and uncomfortable dentures are gone.

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What is a Denture?

A Denture is a prosthetic device designed and fitted to replace missing teeth. Otherwise known as false teeth, dentures can be fitted straight onto the gum or can be clicked into an implant. They can replace from one tooth to all teeth. They can be used instead of bridges and are often more cost effective.

Dentures can be fitted into place immediately after an extraction and are often used to maintain space between teeth until a more permanent solution is decided upon.

What Option is Best for You?

At the National Denture Centre we provide custom made dentures specific to your needs. Even the smallest imperfection in a denture can feel quite uncomfortable. In the mouth, a millimetre can feel like a mile.

Our Dentures range from 1 tooth temporary acrylic right through to implant retained over dentures, chrome or acrylic. Whichever denture is most suitable for your mouth and your budget,  we ensure a stable fit that allows you to eat and carry on with your daily activities with confidence and comfort. Our dentures not only function without pain but look great also. With our Dentures there’s no more going to dinner with a tube of adhesive in your handbag or pocket!

Denture Centre Leinster

 Do you suffer or feel affected by any of the following:

  • Problems Eating with your dentures?
  • Pain or Sores on your gums?
  • Loose dentures?
  • Stress about going for dinner with family or friends?
  • Use adhesive to hold your dentures in?
  • Ringing in your ears?
  • Unexplained neck or back pain?
  • Unhappy with your appearance?
  • Hate going to see the Dentist?
  • Dentures older than 5 years?
  • Not seen a Dental professional for more than 1 year?
  • Have any loose teeth or teeth causing pain?

If you suffer from any of the above please call and book in for a free consultation.