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New Dentures or just a Reline?

Patients often present at my clinic with dentures that started off fitting well and slowly got worse in their ability to function well under normal usage. This is often the result of bone resorption in the jaw.   Our bones are constantly changing on a molecular level and bone remodeling happens naturally in order to […]

Dentures and the fight against Covid

By this stage, we have mostly all had our Covid jabs and boosters and are doing our part in the fight against this insidious disease by wearing masks in public places and keeping social contact to a minimum. But did you know that one of the best ways to help our bodies maintain a good […]

The lifespan of a denture

A question I often get asked during a consultation is “How often do I need new dentures?” or “How long will my Dentures last?” It is advisable that your dentures are changed every 5 years. Within that time, after approximately 2.5 years, a reline should be done. ‘Why do I need new Dentures when my […]

Denture Stomatitis

I see patients on a daily basis who are unaware of the importance of taking their dentures out at night. I can tell straightaway which patients leave their dentures in all the time. Tissues are red, swollen, and angry. I try to get them to imagine walking around 24/7 with their shoes and socks on, going to the gym, stuffing some food in their shoes while walking around a little longer, a day, a week, a month……. One can only imagine how that would feel and smell!!! One’s mouth is no different. But the serious implications of this is still very much unknown to my clients – Denture Stomatitis, Candidiasis aka thrush, cancer all associated with lack of oral hygiene and oral care.