Dentures and the fight against Covid

By this stage, we have mostly all had our Covid jabs and boosters and are doing our part in the fight against this insidious disease by wearing masks in public places and keeping social contact to a minimum. But did you know that one of the best ways to help our bodies maintain a good fight against Covid-19 is to keep our mouths clean?!


Research over the past 2 years shows an undeniable link between poor oral hygiene and one’s ability to fight against Covid. Covid patients with gum disease show a weakening of immunity against Covid and those patients with gingivitis or periodontal disease are 9 times more likely to die of Covid.


To understand why this link exists, we need to understand that bacteria and other microorganisms can have easy access to our blood vessels if they are lurking around the gingival sulcus- that part of our tooth that meets the gum. Once in our blood vessels, these microorganisms can then flow around the body, settling in various organs and effectively making our body’s battle against Covid that bit more challenging.


I have re-opened the debate on denture hygiene and the importance of keeping dentures well fitting and functioning. I firmly believe that a poorly made denture can irritate gums and introduce pathogens into the bloodstream through sores created by the denture. Not to mention the surface of an old or poor quality denture can be porous and offer a home to microorganisms which we know undermines the overall health of society’s most vulnerable.


Maintaining your ability to fight Covid as best you can puts a renewed emphasis on getting the right Denturist to take care of you and your loved ones. The National Denture Centre has the perfect combination of technical know-how and clinical experience to ensure we bring the best result to our patients. With the clinic and laboratory under one roof and our clinicians and technicians working side by side, the best results can be achieved in the minimum amount of wait time for the patient.



At the National Denture Centre, we strive for two distinct outcomes for our patients – superior FIT and FUNCTION.

FIT – The dentures that come out of our laboratory must fit like a glove. They must offer that level of comfort where the wearer doesn’t feel the need for adhesive and where there is no movement, causing gum sores.

FUNCTION – they must function every bit as well as when the patient had their own teeth, eating and chewing anything they want and not allowing food to get lodged underneath.


Being a patient of the National Denture Centre means you are partnering with a Denturist that has a passion for your oral and dental wellbeing. We love what we do because we love changing lives and look forward to taking your call to organize your free consultation.

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