Our Services

Full Denture

For patients with no/few natural teeth we can fabricate full teeth denture plates with remarkable precision which fit comfortably into the contours of your palate and gums. Held in with the natural suction from your palate or by means of dental implants, our full dentures offer remarkable functionality and completely restore your smile back to life! Full dentures are a great alternative to dental implants and have the very same visual appearance. Adhesion to the palate is always the challenge with full dentures however with our unique combination of advanced production technology, experience and free aftercare, we are confident you will be happy with the end result.

We also offer implant retained dentures. Patients with the right jaw bone structure to support implants are ideal candidates for this type of denture. Implant retained dentures provide the best solution to offer stability and functionality.

Partial Denture

Whether you’re missing one or several teeth on the top, bottom, or both, a removable partial denture is a great looking, low maintenance solution which gives instant cosmetic improvement and greatly enhanced function. Having your own neighbouring teeth allows us to fabricate the denture with clasps which greatly help with stability and durability. We blend the dentures shape and shade in with your own existing teeth, giving you an easy and inexpensive option to restore your smile, confidence and ability to eat whatever you want.

We have a range of materials to suit your specific needs. Acrylic being the most common, to the more flexible Valplast and then cobalt chrome, each one can be tailored specifically to your needs to give you the precision you would expect from the latest in dental technology.


Taking good regular care of your dentures is essential in keeping them looking great. We have non-bleach based cleaning and maintenance products for sale here in the clinic which have proven to be extremely effective in the ongoing care for your dentures.

In the event your denture needs repairing we are here to help. The most common repair we see in our clinic is when a denture has cracked in two. Oftentimes this is as a result of it becoming ill fitting and although we can usually repair it within a couple of hours, it more often than not signals the need for a new denture. It is vitally important not to use super glue at home on these cracks as this makes it much more difficult for us to fix without taking an impression or a scan of your palate.


As we get older our bones shrink. This means that your dentures will become looser as time goes on, causing discomfort and making it more difficult to chew food. Instead of getting a new denture, it could suffice to just get a reline. This can oftentimes make all the difference and bring the denture back to feeling like the first time you started wearing it. Using soft or hard materials, relines involve the building back up of the acrylic to fit snugly into the current contours and shape of your palate.

Annual Check-Ups

All patients who have availed of our services are entitled to FREE annual check ups. This involves an oral exam, denture check up and cancer screening.

Cancer Screening

Most denture wearers are less likely to visit the dentist on a regular basis. We include a cancer screening in our annual check ups as part of our service.


Name In Denture

This is particularly useful for hospital, nursing home or long-term care patients. Lost dentures in these environments is unfortunately a common occurrence!


Implant Over Dentures

These are dentures designed to fit over implants. They can be fixed or removable.


Mouth Guards

Used for high impact sports and designed to give maximum protection to teeth. Used in sports such as rugby, boxing, taekwondo, martial arts, soccer and GAA.


Night Guards

To protect teeth from grinding during sleep and sleep apnea.



Once we have established you are a suitable candidate, this can be done in the comfort of your own home using bleaching trays, custom made by us for your mouth.


Denture Cleaning

Once we have established you are a suitable candidate, this can be done in the comfort of your own home using bleaching trays, custom made by us for your mouth.