The lifespan of a denture

A question I often get asked during a consultation is “How often do I need new dentures?” or “How long will my Dentures last?”

It is advisable that your dentures are changed every 5 years. Within that time, after approximately 2.5 years, a reline should be done.

‘Why do I need new Dentures when my dentures seem fine and I’ve had them for years?”. Well, what people don’t realise is that bone resorption happens at a much faster rate when there are no teeth present. This resorption causes the dentures to become loose – like wearing a slip-on shoe a few sizes too big. Hence the reason why people resort to using adhesives in order to keep them in place. They can also irritate the gums by rubbing on them, which can throw the bite off, which in turn can lead to a denture breaking or worse still lead to TMJ problems such as neck pain, ringing in the ears…..the list goes on.

From an oral hygiene point of view I recommend changing dentures every 5 year as they become porous or scratched (products used to clean your dentures with high contents of bleach only speed up the process). This surface porosity becomes a perfect environment in which bacteria can live, essentially rendering your denture a pathogen your body has to fight against. Studies have found that people with systemic health issues such as heart problems, COPD, Diabetes, respiratory diseases, can find it difficult to get on top of their ailment when they are also fighting against a dirty denture.

Denture teeth also wear down over time which cause patients to become over-closed and can also lead to TMJ problems. Aesthetically, this can cause lines on the face such as a downward smile when biting. Women can find it difficult to put on lip stick. They can also start to notice sinking cheeks or an inability to see top teeth anymore. Depending at your stage these are all issue that can be fixed by renewing your dentures every 5 years.

If you are nearing your 2.5 year reline stage or your 5-year renewal mark, call now to book your free consultation on 01 8359296 before it’s too late and you find yourself in a denture disaster.  We are now living in a world where prevention, in health terms, is so important. Let’s start with your Dentures!!

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